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Gold for EvadX

15th May 2008

Sustainability is rapidly moving up the agenda as a procurement issue.  Increasingly construction clients are looking for sustainable forms of construction and for companies which operate in a “sustainable” manner.  Steel is being promoted to clients, specifiers and designers as a more sustainable form of construction than concrete, e.g. it is recyclable, fabricated offsite, safer to erect, etc.  In order to complement this, there was a need to establish a mechanism for clients, specifiers and designers to be able to determine what a “sustainable steel construction company” is and how to identify such companies.  This has resulted in the Steel Construction Sustainability Charter.

Companies signing up to the Charter are required to complete a Sustainability Application Form and undergo a new sustainability audit.  Companies awarded Charter Status in 3 levels – Member, Silver Member, Gold Member – depending on the number of points (see below) successfully audited:

  • A published sustainability policy (mandatory);
  • Monitoring of progress towards sustainability using specific management targets;
  • A programme of involvement with their local community on social issues and with the steel construction community generally;
  • An accredited H&SMS to OHSAS 18001 or H&S management as an integral part of a QMS accredited to BS EN ISO 9001;
  • IIP accreditation or a structured programme for personnel training, development and communication;
  • A published equal opportunities policy;
  • A published ethical trading policy;
  • An accredited EMS to BS EN ISO 14001
  • Use of environmental impact assessment for process improvement
  • A policy to manage energy and vehicle fuel usage in the business;
  • A policy to question whether suppliers have published sustainability policies;
  • An accredited QMS to BS EN ISO 9001.

“We are delighted to see that EvadX Ltd was successfully audited against the 12 points above and achieved Gold status in December 2007.” – Gillian Mitchell MBE, Deputy Director General BCSA.

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