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Update of Snowdon summit building

12th September 2007

The dismantlement of the frame at Corus was carried out without a hitch. The eight CHS columns which were made in mild steel have now being remade in stainless steel. The rest of the frame was loaded on to six lorries and sent to various galvanisers across the country, this is due to some of the odd shapes of steelwork and finding galvanising dipping tanks to suit these shapes became quite a challenge Eventually the steel started arriving down at Llanberis base camp, ready for the next slow stage of transporting each section up the mountain to the summit by the mountain railway.

The battle then started. First the two cherry pickers were taken up the mountain, then the steel was slowly moved up the five and half mile trek to the summit on the small purpose made flat bed railway carrage.

On Tuesday 29th May 2007 the first stainless steel column is erected on what was a beautiful sunny day.

The site is more challenging than first envisaged but hopefully by the end of the month the cafeĀ“ building should be handed over to Carillion completed.


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